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One of the first Chassidic books brought to press was Maggid 
Devorov LYakov, an anthology of teachings from the Maggid 
of Mezritch. It was first printed in 1781, and reprinted many 
times afterward. The Exhibition presents the first editions:

16. Maggid Devorov LYakov, Korzec, 1781.

17. Maggid Devorov LYakov, Korzec, 1784.

18. Maggid Devorov LYakov, Lemberg, 1792.

19. Maggid Devorov LYakov, Ostrog, 1794.

20. Maggid Devorov LYakov, Berdichev, 1808, with the 
approbation of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev.

The Exhibition likewise presents the Kehot edition:

21. Maggid Devorov LYakov, Kehot, 1986.

The Maggids teachings are also printed in works concentrating 
on the Baal Shem Tov, such as the above mentioned Likutim 
Yekorim and Tzavoas Harivosh. The bulk of his teachings 
however were repeatedly printed in several books, and their 
first editions are also presented:

22. Ohr Torah, Korzec, 1804.

23. Kisvei Kodesh, Lemberg 1862.

24. Ohr HoEmes, Husiatin, 1899.

25. Ohr HoEmes, Zhitomir, 1900.

In later years the Maggids teachings were collected and 
printed in two volumes entitled Toras HaMaggid. This is also 
presented in the Exhibition:

26. Toras HaMaggid, Eretz Hakodesh, 1976.

Many of the Maggids teachings were distributed in the form of 
handwritten manuscripts. The Exhibition features some of 

27. Manuscript 187.

28. Manuscript 1821.

29. Manuscript 2220.

The Metzritcher Maggid did not generally give approbations for 
books. The only book for which he did write an approbation is 
presented in the Exhibition:

30. Halacha Pesuka, Turka, 1765.

In his approbation the Maggid writes:

"Although my manner was to be among those who refrain 
from giving an approbation for any book, however this is 
different because it is unique, for it abbreviates and 
resolves  passages from the Poskim... and it is worthy of 
being offered on the altar of the press."

In other words, due to the great dearness of the way the book 
was arranged with accumulated rulings from the Poskim, he 
decided to extend himself and give an approbation, since it was 
so deserving to be printed.

A number of years afterward the Maggid instructed the Alter 
Rebbe to write his Shulchan Aruch, and for the same reason. 
As the Alter Rebbes sons wrote in the introduction: 

"It was approved from heaven through the aforementioned 
holy Rav [the Metzritcher Maggid] to diligently seek from 
among his disciples a man with the spirit of G-d in him to 
comprehend and instruct clear halacha, refined according 
to the law, rulings with their reasons... and he chose our 
revered father, the Rebbe z"l... and urged him to the 
utmost, telling him there is no one as intelligent and 
insightful as you to descend to the depth of the halacha to 
accomplish this task, this holy enterprise, to reveal the 
principle and inner reasons for the laws that are brought 
2:10PM  9/19/963in all the works of the Rishonim and Acharonim."
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