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Chabad - Lubavitch Exhibition

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The Previous Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok, printed more 
discourses and speeches than all the Rebbes before him. 

In the first period of his leadership, mainly when he was in 
Russia, until 1927, he used to give them over to be 
mimeographed, but in later years they were printed.

His discourses were printed in special booklets called 
Kuntreisim, while his talks were named Likutei Diburim. 

Presented in the Exhibition are:

91. Mimeographed discourse, 1923.

92. Booklet of discourses, printed in Riga.

93. Likutei Diburim, printed in Riga.

94. A discourse in the Previous Rebbes handwriting, 1940.

95. A letter in the Previous Rebbes handwriting, 1923.

96. A speech in the Previous Rebbes handwriting, 1943.

Also presented in the Exhibition:

97. Spodik, fur hat of the Previous Rebbe.

98. Immigration Papers of the Previous Rebbe.

99. Bells, used to summon his secretary to his study.

100. Kearah, silver plate on which he would arrange the 
Passover Seder.

178. Sitting and writing Chassidus. Photograph.

179. Same as above, Print. Kehot, 5713.

180. Same as above, with addition of colors.

181. Sitting on a ship, when he arrived in the United 
States. Print.

182. Oil painting of his early years, holding a book with a 
bookcase in the background. 
183. Portrait, oil painting.

184. Sitting next to his desk in his office in Riga. 

185. Sitting, holding the hand of his Chosson, the Rebbe. 
Print of a painting.

186. The Previous Rebbe standing, supported by the 
Rebbes holy hand. Photograph.
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